Water Vapor Capture

Cooling Tower, Water Vapor Loss
The Problem

A Stanford professor estimated that almost 200 billion gallons of water is used each day in cooling systems at thermoelectric power plants throughout the United States. According to a DOE study, approximately 20%, or 40 billion gallons, is lost through evaporation. A 300 mwh power plant can use one million gallons of water every day. Two thirds of it, 660,000 gal, will be lost to evaporation. One third will be used in the “blowdown” process.


WHAT IF you could recover 25% of the evaporated water back as distilled water and recirculate it?

Pacific AirWell has patented a process that can do just that! Recently we tested our pilot plant at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay and were able to return 25 % on a test-bed simulation. The Pacific AirWell “VaporVeil” process captures evaporate as it leaves the tower and condenses it through an AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) process.

Our exciting technology can be applied to any industrial or institutional facility dissipating heat through the evaporative process, including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants ,steel mills, airports, large commercial or institutional buildings, hospitals, and hotels. 

The capture and repurpose of potable water from cooling towers represents a significant financial and operational benefit to plant owners and facility managers, reducing the amount of required water to operate the towers, while addressing the pressing need to preserve water as a natural resource.

With growing populations and certain negative effects of climate change, water is becoming a strategic resource, resulting in scarcity in some areas, higher costs in others, and increasing regulation on both local and national levels. Any means of conserving or recycling this resource will have positive benefits.